Time: Save Your Most Precious Commodity with Construction AI

Construction AI isn’t a data science or a construction company… it’s a company that wants to help you save your most precious commodity: time.

When I first had the idea for Construction AI, it was during a really difficult period of my life. My wife had just broken her leg, while she was pregnant, and I had to juggle life with three kids while trying to keep up with the estimating business I was running.

We started Construction AI to give you some time back in your busy life by automating spot elevation data entry needed for quantity takeoffs. So instead of killing yourself to get your takeoff done, you now have the option to send some of the work to us.

Because what can take you hours, we can do in seconds… the video below shows you how.

So what would you do with an extra two hours today? Would you be able to make it to your kid’s football game? Would you take care of other parts of your business that need attention? Or would you be able to get home on-time for dinner?

Are you ready? Let’s jump in together and get some time back. Watch the video, or just jump in and try the app here. I’m looking forward to working together.

- - Jeff

Jeff GrahamComment